Meditation Classes at Therapies Summer Hill

Meditation at Therapies Summer Hill: Inner West Sydney

Transcendental Meditation® - a simple technique to enjoy more of life. Transcendental Meditation® is a simple, natural, effortless mental technique which can be learned at Summer Hill Therapies.

Your Practitioner

Cathy Knoles is a certified teacher of TM who has been teaching in Sydney for many years.

Your mind is like an ocean – active on the surface, and silent at its deeper levels. TM allows you to very easily experience the quieter, more peaceful aspect of the mind. At the same time you experience a deep level of rest which allows stress and fatigue to be dissolved.

Studies show TM is twice as effective as other techniques in reducing anxiety. There is an epidemic of stress in the world, and we need to have a way to counter that. TM is a simple solution to this common problem of stress and anxiety. Natural and effortless.

To learn more about this simple technique of meditation, which we do twice a day for twenty minutes sitting comfortably (no straining at all) then contact me on 0406 504 787 or book in to a free talk at Talks are held regularly at Summer Hill Therapies, and a course of TM is held there once a month.